A Tribute to Mark Reiser

by Various bands and artists

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    A Tribute to Mark A. Reiser RIP (April 8, 1961 ~ September 15, 2016)

    Mark was a space age artist, who produced some amazing art for bands and artists, many of whom commissioned him for their album covers and tour and merchandise posters. He worked with some very distinguished bands and artists, including Roky Erickson, Uli Jon Roth and his Sky Academy, The Scorpions, Nik Turner, Huw Lloyd Langton, Hawklords, Spaceseed, and the space rock magazine Aural Innovations.

    Mark was a graduate of Moon Area High School and was employed for many years in various coordinating and managerial positions by Ditto Document Services, Inc. of Pittsburgh. He was an artist at heart, enjoyed performing music as a bass guitarist and creating artwork for a variety of other musical acts.

    However, apart from being a very talented artist and musician, Mark, or Dr Markles as some of us knew him by, was also a very warm, generous and very encouraging person, with amazing positivity. As I have been compiling this album, I have been struck at just how many folks who contributed, said how positive and encouraging he was to them when he worked on their album designs, as he was with all my own band's material. For the last 5 years he designed our Real Music Club Judge Trev memorial gig posters, and never charged anything for the work he did for these benefit gigs. He was such a big fan of all the bands and acts that he worked with.
    He also had a very empathetic, intuitive, nay telepathic knack of very quickly creating exactly the right images for the projects he worked on.

    When he came to the UK, to the Sonic Rock Solstice festival in June 2014, he met so many of his friends and artists and instantly connected in such a positive and warm way. Vicki, his long term partner and soulmate, said that this visit had been "the trip of his lifetime".

    In Mark's memory, many of the bands and artists Mark worked with, have collaborated in producing this compilation album, donating tracks that Mark would have well approved of. Crossing genres from space rock (of course!) to blues, heavy rock to electronica, from funk to prog to ambient.

    The CD artwork, put together by Paul Woodwright, is composed of Mark's work from all the various artists and bands he has worked with over his fabulously creative years, .

    All proceeds after production costs will go to Vicki, his long term partner and soulmate.

    Bands and artists featured with massive thanks to all who have contributed are:

    Far Flung / Electric Cake Salad / Automo Tone / Gunslinger/ Gail Storm Edmunds / Spectral Waves / Paradise 9 feat Judge Trev Thoms RIP / Hawklords / Pink Fairies / Glowpeople feat Debz Love Lewis /
    Arcturus Strange / Electric Dub Guru / Anubis / Gary Smart / Brian Fowler / Parachute Adams / Infinite Sun / Deviant Amps / Hola One and Bridget Wishart / Sounds Of New Soma / Red Electra 69 /
    Spirits Burning & Clearlight / Spaceseed feat, Bridget Wishart, Alan Davey and Alisa Coral / Dr Hasbeen / Secret Saucer / Billy Rapp and the Messengers / Schroedinger's Cat and Sendelica / Kev Ellis / Vert:X / Mick Slattery and Miss Angel Flame plus a short closing space jam from Mark himself with Greg Stuver.

    Also special thanks to those in helping the compilation of this album go to Cliff Dowding (Sound-on-q mastering), Paul Woodwright, Al Spangle, Harry Collison, Neil Toyne, Pete Stanley, Ed and Travis Reiser, Scott Barwell Greg Stuver, Roy Weard, Joe Bridge, Jay Bee, Philip Murphy at FOH and Tom Ashurst.

    Gregg McKella RMC 2016

    Includes digital pre-order of A Tribute to Mark Reiser. You get 32 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
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    Pre-order of A Tribute to Mark Reiser. You get 32 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
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Time moves across the face Around tick the hands, Running through my fingers The centuries of sand. It befalls the most mighty At a speed we cannot outrun, We rise, we fall, we perish And burn beneath the sun. We’re all just children of children We’re all just children at play, The toys will all be broken Like the statues of their day. I stand amid the ruins As far as I can see A city once alive The statues lie about me. We make money or music Our souvenirs of the ride, But like footprints on the beach Just waiting for the tide. We’re all just children of children We’re all just children at play, The toys will all be broken Like the statues of their day.


releases January 28, 2017

01 Far Flung – ‘Solar Electric’ (Far Flung) 2.28
From the album ‘25,000 Feet Per Second’ 1995

25,000 Feet Per Second was recorded @ Poop Alley by Tom Grimley.
Released by Flipside Records

line up:
Brandon Labelle
Tommy Grenas
Michael Esther
Buck McGibbony
Paul Fox


02 Electric Cake Salad - ‘Dimenticato’ (Giannulli-Jones/ Morrell/ Leaver) 6.11
From the album - ‘Dimenticato’ 2014
Released on Flicknife Records ‎


03 Automo Tone - Spacebrute Parts 1 & 2 (Tony Jackson, 2015) 6.06
From 'One Giant Leap' 2015


Automo Tone - guitars, synths, bass, drums

04 Gunslinger - Speed Dream MR1 (Davey / Potter) 2.45

From the album 'Earthquake In E Minor' 2008 (Exclusive Bonus Track)
released on Rock Saviour Records

Alan Davey – Bass/synths
Nigel Potter - Guitars


05 Gail Storm Edmunds - Fade Away (G Edmunds) 3.39

From the EP “This Is Hippy Soul” recorded at Joes Place 2016

All vocals and guitar, written produced and permed by Gail Edmunds


06 Hawklords – ‘Flight’ (Richards/ Shaw / Swindells / Bainbridge) 4.52

UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE TRACK - Recorded live in concert at Under The Bridge, London, November 2015

Jerry Richards – guitar/ Harvey Bainbridge – synths/Tom Ashurst – bass/Dave Pearse - drums


07 Paradise 9 feat Judge Trev Thoms – Distant Dreams (McKella/ Matthars/ Sampson/ Thomas) From the album 'Take Me to the Future' 6.41

Gregg McKella - vocals/guitar/fx
Neil Matthars - bass
Tyrone Thomas - guitar
Carl Sampson - drums/backing vocals
Guests -
Judge Trev Thoms - electro-acoustic guitar
Jeanette Murphy – backing vocals


08 Arcturus Strange – moonEpsilon 5.36
From upcoming 'Space Time Beginning’


09 Electric Dub Guru - Eastern Hazed (Cambridge) 4.49
Eastern Haze (2016 Remaster)

Unselected track from the forth coming Electric Dub Guru album "Dream Real Time" Which is a celebration of 10 years of Electric Dub Guru.

Electric Dub Guru - was a solo project from Chris Cambridge which was created back in 2007.


10 Anubis – Masquerade (Williamson/ Lees / Coburn) 4.53
From the album 'Sibuna' 2008

Simon Lees- guitars
Sarah Jane - keys and vocals
Kev Bartlett - drums
Pete Williamson – bass


11 Gary Smart – Fonkatoids (Smart/ Conla) 3.45
Exclusive unreleased 2014

12 Glowpeople feat Debz – It’s About Time (Cossey/ Cordwell/ Raybould/ Burgess) 5.56

Released on Bandcamp 2016
Music: Robot Cossey, Chris Cordwell, Nick Raybould & Mark Burgess. Guest Voice: Debz.
Production & Words: Nick Raybould


13 Brian Fowler - "Solar Girl" (Fowler) 5.16
Released as a single on CDBaby 2014

Brian Fowler-guitars,bass,theremin,programming,synth
Marsha Short-vocals
Stan Edwards-violin

lyrics/music by Fowler (C) 2014
Engineered and mixed Stan Edwards


14 Parachute Adams -All In A Way (Reiser/ Jaros) 3.29

Music by Travis Reiser Lyrics by Josh Jaros
Previously unreleased track:

Josh Jaros-all vocals Travis Reiser- lead guitar Neil Kirchner- rhythm guitar Phil Turkas- bass Nick Tolkacevic- drums
Travis is Mark’s younger nephew.


15 Hola One and Bridget Wishart - Where are You (Hola one/ Wishart) 3.16

From the to be released album 'Moments'
Music: Hola one
Lyrics, Voice & EWI: Bridget Wishart
Marek Ogorzalek aka Hola one, is an independant electronic music producer from Gdańsk, Poland. Connected with Rumpfunk Records. Member of My Outer Space project series- finest music from planet earth.


16 Spectral Waves - Variant Pt. 2 (Henneman, Kindberg & Gold-Molina) 6.32
Simon Henneman - guitar, Cary Kindberg - bass, Jack Gold-Molina – drums

recorded in 2014 at Jack Straw Studios for Sonarchy Radio on KEXP, Doug Haire - engineer.
Unreleased track - 2016

Recorded by Doug Haire for Sonarchy Radio on KEXP Seattle



01 Infinite Sun - Neuromancer 4.11

Pat McCauley - Guitar, Synth, Theremin Sean Younger - Drums, Percussion Steve Vosholler - Vocals Chris Walker - Bass
Taken from Infinite Sun's upcoming Self Titled LP. Recorded sometime in 2015. Produced by Pat McCauley.

02 Deviant Amps - Can't Reach The Floor (Woodwright/Subassa/Chenery) 5.19

From ‘Strange Voodoo from Electric Salad Studio’ 2016
Paul Woodwright – guitar/vocals/synths
Subasso – bass
Keith Chenery - drums


03 Spirits Burning & Clearlight - Black Squirrel At The Root Of The Staircase (Bemand/ Fallcone/ Magnusson/ Newhouse/ Verdeaux) 7.30

from the album “The Roadmap In Your Head” by Spirits Burning & Clearlight

Cyrille Verdeaux: Lead Pianos
Steve Bemand: Guitars, Synths, Drums, Percussion
Don Falcone: Chimes, Production
Kenneth Magnusson: Mellotron (Choir, Organ, Moog, Piano)
David Newhouse: Saxes (Alto, Baritone, Tenor), Alto Flute, Flute, Electric Piano


04 Spaceseed - feat, Bridget Wishart, Alan Davey and Alisa Coral – (Spaceseed/ Wishart)
They Laughed at the Academy 5.04

From the album “The Fraternal Order Of”
Released 2014

Bridget Wishart: Lyrics, Vocals, Synth
John Pack: Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Gabriel Monticello: Guitar, Synth
Brian Fowler: Guitar
Alan Davey: Bass Guitar
Alisa Coral: Synth
Steve Hayes: Synth
Dan Davidson: Synth
Allen Welty-Green: Synth
James Dunn: Drums


05 Sounds Of New Soma – Neuland (Djelassi/ Raupach) 4.34
This track was previously released as a digital bonus track of the album „Moebius Tunnel“. 2016

Cover-Art By Mark Reiser
Alexander Djelassi: Guitar/Bass/Synthesizer/Effects
Dirk Raupach: Synthesizer/Effects
Mastered by EROC

All Music Composed, Recorded, Mixed And Produced By Sounds Of New Soma


06 Red Electra 69 - Ride In The Stars (V.Cory) 4.55

EXCLUSIVE TRACK Unreleased 2014

Joe Rowlands – Drums / John Bullen – Bass / Vince Cory – Guitars


07 Billy Rapp and the Messengers - Aint No Babys Game (Rapp) 3.53

Unreleased track. Recorded 2015

Bill Rapp – guitar/vocals/slide guitar / Dean Gerazonius – bass / Craig Groove Capture - drums


08 Dr Hasbeen - Capt Scott Im telling you (Hasbeen) 5.01
from Infinite Paradox CD – 2013

Musicians - Martyn Hasbeen - Steve Smith - Daz Butler - Vince Cory - Rich Om


09 Nik Turner and the Outriders of the Apocalypse - Quetzal

(EXCLUSIVE TRACK Recorded live at Alchemy festival 2011) 6.57

Nik Turner on Sax, Flute, Bones and Vocals/ Mick Slattery on Guitar/ Suzi Q (Owen) on Trombone
Bev Crome on trumpet and french horn/ Nazar ali khan on bass/ Garry Smart on Bass/ Meurig Griffiths on drums/ Ola Belo on vocals and percussion/ Bran Bobicca on 7 string bass and vocals/
Gregg McKella on space FX


10 Secret Saucer – Evade 5.25
From the album “Nachvollziehens” 2014 released on Salad Farm Studio.

Steve Hayes Keyboards, Synth, Guitar/ Ted Boburka/ Drums, Billy Spear / Bass Dan Schnel/, Guitar.,Synth/ Dave Hess - Synth,Gliss Gtr,


11 Dragon Hawkmoth & The Moongeezers - Walking thru the gate edit 3.42
(Schroediners Cat/Sendelica)

From the album 'Fly with the condor to the garden of the gods' 2016
Recorded in 2014

Dragon Hawkmoth & The Moongeezers (AKA Schroedingers Cat/Sendelica)

Lord Iain Hawk Khan- guitars, synths, mellotron, efx, organ , electric sitar
Lord Richard Armstrong Sealand- electric piano, synth, efx
Pete Bingham- electric guitar
Glenda Pescado- bass
Meurig Griffiths- drums and percussions


12 Kev Ellis - To The Stars - (Ellis) 4.31
From the forthcoming album 'Space Cadet 3'


13 Pink Fairies SKELETON ARMY (Farren/ Colquhoun) 2015 4.40

Unreleased Live at the Cluny Newcastle 2015



14 Vert:X - The Moabites 5.08

EXCLUSIVE TRACK - Unreleased 2016

Vinny C – Guitar/ Neil Whitehead – Bass/ Barry Mart – Synthesizer/ The Other One – Oscillators


15 Mick Slattery and Miss Angel Flame - D.Reiser (Slattery/Fallon) 3.41

Unreleased track especially recorded for Mark's album 2016

Mick Slattery -,synths/ guitars,cello
Miss Angel Flame – vocals


16 Transatlantic-Musicians-Collective - Space-funk space-jam 0.55

Mark Reiser – bass / Greg Stuver - drums

The is a recording of Mark and Greg, at Mark's basement studio in Sewickley , Pennsylvania for their Transatlantic Musicians Collective project.


Mastered by Cliff Dowding at Sound-on-q Studios
Artwork arranged by Paul 'Woodbine' Woodwright


all rights reserved



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